Here's a little info about what I do and my process.

Based in the beautiful rural village of Upper Moutere (near Nelson, New Zealand) & surrounded by vineyards, hop farms, orchards and country gardens it will come as no surprise that my work is largely inspired by nature. 

Stitched Paintings is the term I use to describe my style of work. My process flows like this...I paint blank pieces of linen in abstract washes then add botanical / illustrative details in with acrylic paint / gouache / ink , finally I add texture through stitch. Coming to stitch as a mixed media artist I have taught myself a variety of embroidery techniques which probably don't follow traditional embroidery guides but work for the kind of mark making I enjoy creating.

Stitch for me has become a bit of an obsession which marries my love of detail, colour, texture and allows hours of quiet reflection and Podcast binging.

When I’m not in the studio I’ll often be traveling and teaching workshops, sharing my self taught process & meeting like-minded floral lovers makes my heart sing.

Enquiries please email: contact@fleurwoodsart.com

Connect with me via Instagram: @fleurwoodsart